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Transform points into experiences

Looking for a way to travel First Class with mileage redemptions? CabinChief's one-stop comprehensive award booking service maximizes value on award redemptions. CabinChief handles the airlines directly, and bookings are internally managed from availability to changes in order to build the perfect itinerary.



Rewards Consulting


Achieve the dream redemption 

CabinChief offers tailored consulting on all things points related. CabinChief relies on the personal expertise of travel hacking experience to provide tailored solutions. Clients save thousands on premium travel by perfecting points earning strategies.



Small Business Solutions


Turn travel expenditures into assets

CabinChief rewards consulting utilize the flexibility of points and miles to save on business travel. Construct a tailor-made travel rewards strategy for your business. CabinChief's strategies will maximize points return and utilize strategic redemptions to offset high capital costs of purchasing last minute or full fare tickets.







Award Booking (per pax)              

General Consultation (Hourly)

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Upgrade the travel experience

"John Perlik and the team at CabinChief are fantastic to work with. CabinChief cuts through the complications of travel sites, miles, rewards points, blackouts, and special promotions from the airlines to find and secure the best customized deal for each traveler. Simply put, they work to save their client's travel budget, and give us piece of mind that we're getting the best deal possible. Brilliant idea, great people, and top-notch service. Highly Recommend."   Greg C.

"The CabinChief service is an absolute no brainer for international reward travel. I consider myself a travel expert, yet I'm not living and breathing the rewards/points systems like the team at CabinChief. Getting the most bang for points is all about knowing the systems. I don't have time to stay up to date on how to maximize point value, but I don't have to because there's CabinChief."    Seth P.

"CabinChief saved me a lot of time and even more money. The service was swift, comprehensive, and accommodating. CabinChief has earned the top spot as my go-to travel assistance."   Gordy J.




Meet CabinChief


John Perlik is an a lifelong aviation enthusiast and travel hacker. John, age 20, flies over 100,000 miles per year and has earned over one million points through travel hacking techniques. When he's not traveling the world in First and Business Class, John is a sophomore engineering student at the University of Missouri.



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